Mrs. Robin's Neighborhood

Fostering Creativity, Critical Thinking and Kindness!

Story Time!

Read Along With Mrs.Robin
Froggy Plays in the Band

Week 6 Story-What Will I Be? Click the link to hear a GREAT story about growing that lets you learn and think too! Then, go to the Learning Lab and try those activities!

Week 5 Activities
1. Duck Puppets to make if you want to participate with the story on Facebook Thursday at 1!

Little Quack Story-Do you have your puppets ready?!

Week 4 Activities

Mrs. Robin reads The 3 Little Pigs!

Love You Forever

A Guest Reader from Mrs. Robin’s class reads In My Heart!

Week 3 Stories

Michaela is a student in my Child Development class. She is very excited to read the story The Little Blue Truck to you. She tells me that her little brother LOVES this story!

Week 1-When Will it Be Spring?
I Accept You as You Are

Week 2-What do you do with a Grumpy Kangaroo? See Mrs. Robin read the story and talk about feelings in her first Live YouTube stream….remember-progress-not perfection!

Week 2-The Golden Egg Book
Week 1-My Spring Robin

The story below is just for you to listen to and enjoy. You will not see a video of me or the illustrations as I want you to be listening and using your imaginations. You can draw pictures while you listen, or build legos, or just curl up and relax. While you listen, imagine what the events and the settings in story look like in your head!

Big Kid’s Story 1
Swiss Family Robinson Chapter 1-week 1
Swiss Family Robinson Chapter 2-week 2
Swiss Family Robinson Chapter 3-week 3
Swiss Family Robinson Chapter 4-week 4
Swiss Family Robinson Chapter 5-week 6
Swiss Family Robinson Chapter 6-week 6

Swiss Family Robinson Chapter 7-Week 7
Swiss Family Robinson Chapter 8
Swiss Family Robinson Chapter 9

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