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Learning Lab

Week 9 Activities
Younger Kids: Make Your Own Christmas Memory Game
Print 2 copies of the pages below. Color them in the same way. (You can color them differently, but this could make the game more challenging. Then, cut out the pictures and paste them to index cards (or squares of construction paper-red and green would be festive!. Then, mix them (shuffle them) and turn them upside down on your table or floor. Try to find the matches by yourself. OR, play with someone. Each player takes turn flipping 2 cards over. If you get a match, keep them and go again! If your 2 cards do not match, flip them back over and try to remember what they are. Then, the next player does the same. The game ends when all the cards are gone. The person with the most pairs wins!

Older Kids: How many words can you make from the the following letters? MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!
You can only use each letter once (unless there are to of them-letters R and L). If more than 1 person makes a list, you can see who can find more words!

Week 8 Activity-Ask Dad (or Grandpa) to tell you a story about how he used to celebrate Father’s Day with his own dad when he was younger. Then, print the Father’s Day Venn diagram below. Fill it out to see how your Father’s Day is the same and different from your Dad’s! Put the ways YOU celebrate in the top part of the top circle. Put the ways your dad celebrated in the bottom of the bottom circle. Put the ways you BOTH celebrate in the middle where the ovals intersect! Younger Children will need help with this one.

Week 7 Activity-Get some crayons and paper ready! Watch the video and listen to the sounds! Have fun! (This was live on Facebook and the video is a bit off with matching face to sound in beginning?)

Week 6 Activity
Answers on Answers to Activities Page!

Week 5 Activities For Big AND Little Kids!

Week 3 and 4 Activity-You need to download 1 activity sheet below for each child. They will also need a blue, green, orange and yellow crayon or marker. Then, you can click the link to play the activity that was live on Facebook. I would LOVE to hear how the kids liked it!

Week 3 Activity-Melissa’s Math game idea!

Week 2 Activity

This video teaches children to be safe and smart and helps them to cope with their feelings related to the Coronavirus! It is about 18 minutes long. I would appreciate it if you would suscribe to the channel. Thank you! 🙂

Week 1 Activity

Be a Coronavirus Superhero Video!

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