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Feelings Friends!

We are happy you are here!

Week 1 Activities

Directions For Feelings Mrs. Robin’s Friends Memory Game
1.Download and print 2 copies of the memory game above.
2. Then cut the papers on the lines so you have 16 cards.
3. Mix them up and lay them on the table upside down.
4. Take turns turning over only 2 cards and remember them!
5. If they match, you keep them and go again. If not, your turn ends.
6. Whoever has the most pairs at the end wins this time!
7. Mix them up and play again!
8. Play by yourself to practice! 🙂

Mrs. Robins Feeling Friends Charades
1. Use the same cards from the memory game.
2. Mix them up and put them in a pile-face down.
3. Take turns. The youngest goes first. Each player chooses the top card.
4. The player must make the expression for that feeling friend.
For example, if you choose Sad Sam, you must make a sad face.
5. The other players must guess the feeling you are showing on your face.
6. Whoever guesses first, gets the card.
7. The next oldest player takes a turn and does the same.
8. Keep taking turns until all the cards are gone.
9. Count your cards. Whoever has the most wins!
10. Play again.

Older kids-You can create your own version by writing the feelings on index cards, paper etc. You can use all different kinds of emotions and have fun trying to guess each others. Or you can just think of them in your head and make them on your face for someone else to identify! Have fun!

Week 2 Activities

Preschoolers and Kindergartners-can you find the 6 differences in the 2 pictures of our Feelings Friends below??

Big Kids! Can you find the 7 differences in these 2 pictures below?

Check the Answers on the Activities page!

Listen to the story What do you do with a Grumpy Kangaroo in Story Time. Then, write down (or have your parents/older siblings write) 3 things that make you happy, sad, and mad. Then, tell each other 3 things that make you feel better when you are not feeling happy!

Week 3 Activities

Meet My Feelings Friends! Click to watch the slideshow!

Play Emotions Charades! Print the cards below!

Play the DON’T SMILE game! So easy, yet SO MUCH FUN! Start out with 2 players. Each player must look directly at the other player’s eyes. The object is NOT to smile. Whoever smiles first-loses! It is not as easy as it sounds. See who becomes the DON’T SMILE champ!

Week 6 Activity-Print the Slide Show (you can choose how many slides per page). Your child can fill in the answers, with your help likely and be amazed at how much he or she has grown and changed! It will be some nice memories for all and a keepsake to look back on years from now. 🙂

Week 7-Listen to a story. Ask your mom or Grandma or someone to tell you some stories about you when you were little. What were you like? What were your favorite activities and tv shows and foods? Find out all about who you used to be! Then, print the memory book from week 6 above and fill it out. You will be amazed at how different you are! You can keep this book and compare yourself in the future again!

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