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Creativity Challenge!

What can you create from your recyclables!?
I am looking for a Corny the Coronavirus superhero to use for my site. We will vote on one from your submissions! You can ONLY use materials that you ALREADY have in your house! You can draw him or create one from your recyclables or your blocks or whatever you choose from your house!
*To be in the contest-submit your photo entry to our Instagram on next Thursday, April 9th at noon and comment on the ones you like. Use the hashtag #mrsrobinscornysuperhero. I will set up a vote for you to choose the winner then. You will be able to vote for the best Corny until Tuesday, April14th at noon. Then, I will post the winner and add the picture! Spread the word!

See my pretty lame Corny below. You see why I need help with this!

This week I also challenge you to make a bird feeder because many of your backyard bird friends need a little more help until the flowers and bugs are around for them to eat!
1. You can find a pine cone.
2. Spread peanut butter on it or jelly if you allergic to nuts.
3. Roll your pine cone in bird seed or nuts or raisins or eggshells or
other items.
4. Put some yarn or string on it and hang it out! Post a picture of your bird on it and your location to Instagram with #mrsrobibsbirds so we can see them and learn about what birds are where in the spring!

Creative Challenge Contest #2
I am so grateful for all of the firemen, EMTs and paramedics, doctors and nurses, people who work in grocery stores and gas stations and banks, and anyone else who is working hard now to keep all of us safe. My son Colin is an EMT and I know this is not easy for them. I miss him. I know it would make him happy to see some positive messages when he is out there. So, challenge you to create a Thank You display for all the people who are being so brave and thinking of others. Let’s show them we are thinking of them!

You need to create a display on your window(s), driveway, or front door to show your appreciation for all our heroes out there. Remember, you can ONLY use what is at your house already as we are staying home. To be in the contest, you need to post a picture of your display by Friday, April 17th at noon. You need to post it to our Instagram page using this hashtag (#Mrsrobinsheroes). I will create a vote next Friday and the winner will receive a prize! Good luck and thank you for making people smile!

Creative Challenge Contest #3
Make some homemade binoculars from your recyclables! I made mine by connecting 2 toilet paper rolls with rubber bands. Then, I punched holes in the outsides of each tube. Then, I tied the ends of an old shoelace to each hole so I could carry them around by without holding them. You can use string or ribbon or yarn too. You can decorate them anyway you like-or leave them plain like mine. You may also prefer to use real or toy binoculars that you already have at home.

Your challenge is to use the binoculars to view things in your yard or out your window. You need to create a picture or model of what you saw through your binoculars WITHOUT using crayons or markers! Label what your picture is and include your first name and age. You must submit your creation to our Instagram page by April 23rd at 6pm with the following hashtag. #mrsrobinsart We will vote Friday at noon-Mondayat 6pm for both a big kid (ages 8-12) and little kid (ages 3-7) winner!

Week 5 Activity
Make a Mom and Me or Mom and Us wreath together. This activity will be a great together activity that you will herish forever! You will be tracing and cutting out your hands and using them to form a wreath. Then, you all can
all decorate it together anyway you like! You are encouraged to post to our Facebook page Thursday 5/7 at 6pm to play. Voting will be open Friday@noon-Monday@noon. The family with the most comments under their picture will win a private Zoom session with Mrs. Robin! You will need to post your entry to Facebook using hashtag  #mrsrobinsmom    

Week 6 Activity
Spud Buds! Take a real potato and turn him into a Spud Bud! You may use any materials that are laying around your house to decorate your potato! You may also use a sweet potato or a yam! Enter the contest by having Mom post a picture of you Bud and tell us a bit about him or her! You need to post by Monday, the 18th at 6pm to our Instagram page using #mrsrobinsspudbuds. Mom should also email me the picture so I can set up a vote for the winner on our Contest Winner page! Have fun and good luck!

Week 7 Challenge-Create a musical instrument! You can try to make an instrument that already exists or you can invent a new one! You can only use items and supplies you already have in your house. After you make your instrument, ask mom or dad to help you to post a video of you introducing yourself and playing your instrument for a bit! The
winner will receive a musical prize from Mrs. Robin’s school room! Entries must be posted to our Instagram page with #mrsrobinsinstrument by Sunday, June 7th at 8pm. We all need to comment and congratulate our contestants! The video with the most comments will win. The winner’s mom will need to subscribe with an email (Contact Me Page) and give me address for prize. The video will be posted to our Contest Winners page.     

Week 8 Creative Challenge-Best Dad award. You need to create a trophy for your Dad for being the Best Father of the Year! You can only use any materials that you have at home already. When you complete your trophy, ask Mom to post a picture of your trophy and the reason you think your dad is the best Father of the Year to our Instagram page by the end of Father’s Day! Use #fathersdaychallenge.

Week 9 Creative Challenge-Create a wreath (or an ornament) using the materials you have at your house! You can use old Christmas cards, wrapping or tissue paper, gift tags, paper plates or cardboard. You can use paint, markers, crayons, stickers, glitter and more! You will need glue of some sort and scissors. You can create your own or make one with me by watching the video below! Your family will love it and keep it forever because you made it for them with love! Happy holidays!

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