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Boredom Busters!

Bored Billy has some fun games to share with you!

Hi! It is springtime now and we are all used to playing outside, joining sports teams and bike riding with our friends. I am guessing that a lot of you are probably starting to get pretty bored right about now! This Coronavirus is keeping all of us away from our friends, families, schools, sports teams and more. Some of us may not even be able to go outside safely. I thought of some ideas that you might be able to do when you are ready to go crazy with boredom. You can still do some outside activities if it is safe to as long as you are following the Coronavirus safety rules. You can invite your brother or sister to join you and you will BOTH be less bored!
Here are my ideas:

Go on a nature hike or scavenger hunt to see birds and bugs!
Go biking, skateboarding or play hide and seek.
Invent a game or tool or toy! You can use Legos or recyclables!
Listen to music or a story and dance or draw a picture!
Play a game or make a recipe!
Practice your skills to be ready for your sport when you CAN play.
Write a story with a picture and send it to your grandparents or a soldier!
It will be Earth Day so do some cleaning up!
Teach your pet a new trick or get some exercise with him!
Help your parents with younger kids and chores so they will
have time to play with you!

In the comments below, can you post your name and age and what YOU like to do when you are bored? You might help another kid get busy!

Week 1-Here is a card game that is easy to learn and super fun to play! You need 1 deck of cards to follow along. đŸ™‚

8 Cards Game!

When I was a little girl, I used to play Pretend Christmas with my little sisters. I would pretend to be Santa. I would wrap up toys in blankets and we would pretend it was Christmas morning and they would open the gifts! You could make an Easter Bunny headband and pretend to be the Easter Bunny! There are many free pictures you can get online or create your own. Then, you can use an old Easter basket or pail or even a bag. You could fill it with plastic Easter eggs and hide them around the house for your family to find. For a special touch, you could write nice messages in the eggs before you hide them! If you do not have plastic eggs, you could make some pretty Easter egg messages on paper to hide!

Week 2-Click the link to my YouTube channel and learn how to play the Clock Game!

Week 3 Activities
Click the link to my YouTube Channel to see and play the Scavenger Hunt I led when I was live on Instagram this week!

Week 4 Activity-Play Checkers with your home-made game!

Week 5 Activity-Make coupons for Mom! You can decorate them too!

Week 6 Activity
Plant a pumpkin! It seems silly to think about planting a pumpkin for Halloween now….right!? But, if you want a big pumpkin that you can turn into a jack-o-lantern, it needs to be planted early.You can grow 1 pumpkin in a pot if you are still stuck inside, or a whole patch if you have room! I am attaching a link that teaches you how to think about the best time, weather conditions and ways to plant your pumpkins. It is kind of neat to think about how we may be able to go outside and trick or treat then! You could keep a journal about how fast your pumpkin grows to share with your new classmates next year too!

Week 7-Listen to the sounds around you! Sit outside in your yard somewhere and listen to the sounds that you hear around you for 15 minutes (or longer if you like). Write them down with the time and date.
1. Do it again at a different time-what sounds were the same/different?
2. Do it at the same time, but in a different place in your yard and
compare the differences.
3. For a more interesting experiment, do this activity with a friend or family member and compare notes-you might be VERY surprised!
4. How do your sounds compare to Mrs. Robin’s? I heard birds, cars passing by, dogs barking, squirrels chirping, a plane overhead, and a bee buzzing!
5. You can try these experiments using sounds in your house as well!

Week 8-Father’s Day Secret Gift! Do 5 chores for your dad! But, you need to do them without telling him or waiting for him to ask you! See if you can do it without him seeing you for a bigger challenge! It will be a fun surprise for him!

Week 9-You can play Christmas to get excited for the big day! When I was a little girl, I used to play Pretend Christmas with my little sisters. I would pretend to be Santa. I would wrap up toys in blankets and we would pretend it was Christmas morning and they would open the gifts! Then, we would take turns being Santa! It was SO much fun!

You can also make a gift or a card for someone in your family-or even Santa Claus. You can also make a wreath for your house, an ornament for your tree, some treats for Santa’s reindeer, or a paper chain to decorate your house. Check out the internet (with Mom and Dad’s permission for some ideas!

There are lots of games that you can make up too. I will give you one. Can you think of 1 Christmas related word that starts with EACH letter of the alphabet? If there are more than one of you, you can each do the the activity and see how many you match-or see who can get the most!

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