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Activities for Older Kids!

Healthy Can Be Fun Too!
My niece Julia made this owl!

It is important to eat right, exercise and get good sleep now. You can help your family stay healthy by creating a healthy fun snack for them to enjoy. This was an owl that my niece Julia created for me! See if you can create a fun snack and tell us what you created in the comments below or post a picture to our Facebook page! Use #mrsrobinshealthysnack

I can’t wait to see them!

Make a Fortune Teller!
You can print the above blank fortune teller and use it to create lots of different fun fortune tellers. You can also make tellers that help you with your school work, such as a multiplication facts fortune teller! Show your younger brothers and sisters how to make some to play games with too! Check out ideas on Pinterest or the web!

This link will show you how to make one!

Week 2-Mrs. Robin’s Easter Coronavirus Mad Lib!

Have you ever done a Mad Lib?! They are so much fun. They help you to learn about different kinds of words through funny stories. All you need is your brain, paper and pencil or laptop and your imagination! Remember that noun is a person, place or thing, a verb is an action word and an adjective is a describing word. Print the mad lib below. Ask someone to give you a noun, verb, number-whatever you see in (parenthesis) near a blank line. YOU write their words in the lines and do NOT let them see the paper! After they tell you all the words, you read the story aloud! Have fun!

Week 3 Activities-these 2 activities will work your brain too!
1. Play Connect the Dots! It is a strategy game that is for 2 or more players! Print the game below and follow the directions. Have fun!

2. Print the Earth activity below. Your challenge is to color the Earths using 4 different colors you choose. You must have 3 Earths for each color and no 2 Earths that are adjacent to (next to each other on side, top, or bottom) can be the same color! This will be tricky! Good luck! Don’t give up!

Week 4 Activities

  1. Follow along with The 3 Little Pigs-the words will be highlighted! I have given the link to this story in Project Guttenburg. You can choose how to open it. Then, click the 2 page presentation and read aloud options in the upper right corner. Go to Story Time to see Mrs. Robin read the story.

Week 5 Activity-Print and fill in the mad lib I made! Ask someone the terms without showing them the story. You write in their answers. Then, read the funny story aloud! If you forgot the parts of speech, check out week 2 above!

Week 6 Activity-Play Acey Deucy!
This card game is a great way to practice math while you are having fun! You will need to have either 2 piles of coins or 1 pile of coins and a piece of paper and a pen or pencil before you watch the video and play. (You can really use anything to play with if you do not have coins. You could use poker chips, different size Legos or anything that you can assign values to.) I also have a picture of coins here that you could print on a heavier paper and cut out.

Week 7-Big Kid Brain Workout Listening Activity!

Week 9 Activity-Can You Draw This Sleigh?
Print the activity and use the grid to try this. Then, you can color it and hang it up! You can also cut it into pieces and make your own Christmas puzzle. Feel free to post it to our Your Pictures page!

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