Mrs. Robin's Neighborhood

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Holiday Happenings!

Week 9 Activities

Mrs. Robin Reads The Christmas Kitten
See if you can answer the questions below after the story!

Week 8 Activities
1. What Daddies Do Best story-coming soon
2. Download the Brain and Body Builder Activity below: My Dad is the best!

Week 7 Activity-Listen to the Sound Eggs video (click link) and try to identify what you think is in each egg that is creating the sounds you hear! See if you guessed them by checking the Answers to Activities page!

Week 5 Activities
1. Print the card below! You can fill in the the answers and draw a picture or decorate the card anyway you like for mom! You may be able to alter the text to make it for Gramma, Aunt etc. as well.

2. Print the Who Knows Mother Best game below. You should print one copy for Mom and each other person who is playing! You ALL fill in the answers to the questions about Mom. Whoever matches mom the most-WINS!

Print thesupply list and watch the video on YouTube to make a Mother’s Day gift. (from live show on 5/6)

Zooming on Thursday at 3 to teach/lead a special gift for Mom. Kids will need to gather supplies ahead of time to be ready. Moms, you need to subscribe to the site and send me your email addresses in CONTACT ME under About Mrs. Robin as I will send the link to her email. We don’t want any Zoom Bombers! Supply list for kids is below.

Week 4 Activity-Thinking Challenge! What Comes Next! Print the activity. The answers can be found on the Answers page!

Week 3 Activities

Celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd!

Hi! I am sharing a link here that I really like. It is NASA’s link that describes climate change discusses weather patterns in a very understandable way for kids. It also has some neat activities!

Go on an Earth Day walk and help to clean up our planet! It is great that we are already wearing gloves and masks now to stay safe! They will also let us clean up trash safely. Post how many pieces of trash you picked up on our Twitter page! #mrsrobinstrash

Week 2 Activities

Happy Passover! I hope you enjoy listening to the story about the frog! Then, you can print the frog picture and follow the directions to create you very own frog puzzle!

The Big Wide-Mouthed Frog

Happy Easter to all of you! I hope you like listening to the Winnie the Pooh story, The Very Best Easter Bunny Ever! Then, you can print the bunny activity.
1. Color all the parts to the bunny.
2. You can glue him to a paper and color a background for him.
3. Then, you can cut the picture into 8 pieces for a puzzle or hang him up!
4. OR, if you have fasteners, you can connect the parts for a moving bunny!

The Very Best Easter Bunny Ever

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