Mrs. Robin's Neighborhood

Fostering Creativity, Critical Thinking and Kindness!

Brain and Body Builders!

Exercise Your Brain!

Week 1-Can you figure out what is creating the sounds in the eggs?

Exercise Your Body!

Week 1-Head Shoulders Knees and Toes!

Week 2-Play Simon Says with Mrs. Robin-link below!
Do the Bunny Hop-see parent’s guide week-2

Week 3 Activities exercise the brain and body at the same time!
1. Living Room Baseball-submitted by my college student Jordan!

2. I went on a walk in my neighborhood! I observed many things! Go on a walk in your neighborhood and see how many things our neighborhoods have in common! Print the nature scavenger hunt checklist and bring it to document your observations!

Week 4 Activities
1. You can play hopscotch! I drew a board and tried to video myself in motion. Let me just say-you kids will like it lol. You can make a game in your house with masking tape on the floor if it is raining or not safe outside now.

Mother May I-Exercise your brain AND body!

Week 5 Activity
1. Play Mother May I for Mother’s Day! You can play the traditional way and make your own directions or play the video version in week 4.
2. Print and fill in the Mother’s Day Acrostic below. You can use words or sentences that start with each letter. Then, you can decorate it as a gift or card to give Mom!

Week 6 BONUS Activities
You can watch and join the Animal Action Exercise fun from Instagram live on our YouTube channel! Click below if you would like to make your OWN Animal Action cards!

Click the link below to try and learn yoga with Mrs. Robin! See me tip over and watch Cashie photobomb me!

Toothpick Brain Teasers
Little kids: You can use 3 toothpicks. You need to make a triangle, a letter N, and a letter H and a Z with them! Big Kids: Look at the picture below. Try to figure out how you can turn the 4 squares into 7 squares by only moving 2 toothpicks! Get 12 toothpicks and move them around or try to solve it in your head for an even tougher challenge! Answer on answers page!

Toothpick Challenge

Week 7 Activity-You need to download 1 activity sheet below for each child. They will also need a blue, green, orange and yellow crayon or marker. Then, you can click the link to play the activity that was live on Facebook. I would LOVE to hear how the kids liked it!

Week 8 Activities
1. Print the My Dad is the Best activity below. You need to write the reasons your dad is the best on the paper. BUT-the trick is that your reasons MUST begin with the letters in FATHER that are given. Then, you can decorate the paper and give it to your dad on Sunday!
2. Get Moving with Dad! What does your dad like to do-run, golf, workout? Do your Dad’s favorite physical activity with him this week!
3. Check out all the fun movement games on my YouTube channel that you can do with Dad!

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