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About Mrs. Robin

Hi! I wanted to introduce myself. My name is actually Dr. Robin Desrochers. I have been wanting to create this site (and “shows”) for quite some time now. The current climate of divisiveness in our world needs to be addressed from the bottom up! I believe that if we teach our children how to think critically, look beyond themselves, communicate effectively and IN PERSON, and appreciate and empathize with others our world will be a more positive place for all of us! The Coronavirus spurred me to move more quickly. I want to help parents to help children to continue learning, engaging from a distance well and having fun during this very stressful time in our world.

I will share a little background so you know where my knowledge and experience comes from. I have a Masters in Education, and a Doctorate in Education and Psychology. I am certified to teach infants through school-age kids. I taught in both private and public schools for 10 years before I opened up my own center. I had 50 students of all ages and 6 teachers for almost 20 years. I am a school psychologist and trained advocate for kids with special needs. I have been teaching Child Development and other courses at the college level for 9 years now. Finally, I have a 3 amazing children who have grown into responsible adults who respect people and can think for themselves.

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