As Mother’s Day approaches, I am feeling saddened that my plans clearly are not happening this year. It got me thinking about all my past Mother’s Days. Moms like to celebrate in different ways. Some moms like to go to the spa and get away for the day. They like to pamper themselves for a job well done and take some me-time. Other moms make it a multi-generational tradition and have a cook-out or dinner with all the moms in their families. Some moms, like mine, live far away from her grown children and celebrate the day with their husbands or friends. I have always wanted nothing more than to spend the day with my kids.

We have, well-had, a tradition that on every Mother’s Day, my kids and I would do something together. We have gone to the zoo and the butterfly house. We have gone bowling and played mini golf. We have gone to the movies and stayed home and played Yahtzee. This year, we were going to do an escape room. I was really looking forward to it as this will be the last Mother’s Day before my own daughter becomes a mom herself. It won’t be all about me anymore LOL.  I am sure we will figure out some way to Zoom visit, but it cannot fill the void I feel in my heart. It has been so long since I have been able to hug and cherish my kids.

It is likely that your plans have been derailed as well. There will be no spa getaways or fancy dinners in restaurants. There will be no trips around town or big family picnics. But hopefully, you have your kids with you, safe and well. Trust me when I say that you will look back on this special day with fondness no matter how you choose to celebrate it. Because, before you know it, your children will be young adults, like mine. They will have their own lives and families and Mother’s Day will be a visit and a card-as soon as we can visit again that is. I am so proud of my adult children, but I would give the world to squish them back down and have me be the center of their lives again, even for one day.

I used to look forward to the special projects they would make in school to mark this special day. The parents in my school would get so excited to see the projects my staff and I helped our students make for them. I still cherish the cards and art projects that my kids made me for Mother’s Day at their schools. So, I am hoping to miss my kids less by helping your children make some projects for you that can help make this abnormal Mother’s Day a little bit better. Someday, when your kids are grown, you will cherish them and remember this strange Mother’s Day with smiles.

Your kids will be psyched to make secret projects for you as they LOVE giving gifts to you! For me to help your kids make projects without you seeing, I will need to have your kids present without you. I will be listing the dates and times of activities in Week 5 activities. I will also be listing the supplies your kids will need to have ready to do the activities. I will be doing some live activities, including a Zoom art project and some video-style in case your kids cannot attend the live events. All stories and other activities will be centered around your special day. You moms need to be celebrated more than ever as you are being so much more than moms right now. Hold your babies of all ages close and enjoy each moment of this unique Mother’s Day.