This is a short and sweet post just to stay in touch this week! I am actually grateful to this hideous virus for giving me the motivation to get this sight going. The thought of your kids enjoying the activities I am creating makes me smile. The few children that have attended my live sessions have meant the world to me as well! Sadly though, this hideous virus has now taken away my job in the real world. After 10 years of teaching Child Development and other courses, my college had to cancel my classes for the fall, and likely further. The enrollment can not support the current staff load. I know I am only one of many who is facing this sudden loss so I am trying to stay positive.

So, the positive take-away I am choosing to focus on is that I will have more time for all of you and your kids! However, that can not be until next week as I have a ton of finals to get through before I am officially unemployed. I will be working on the rest of week 4 activities up and still going live as usual. But, soon, I will be looking into either a Zoom school experience or the new Facebook group meeting piece. I am curious for feedback as to whether you would be interested in having your child(ren) participate. I will have plans and materials that you could access a week in advance, so your kids could do the interactive lessons with me. This would be a good chunk of time in one sitting with different activities one after another. Secondly, I am wondering what time to choose so let me know in the comments below.

In the meantime, there are almost 4 weeks of activities here to keep your kids learning and having fun while I correct! Also, My YouTube channel has about 3 hours of stories, games and learning activities for your kids as well. They can do them on their own for the most part to give you some time to work, or relax. I haven’t got any feedback yet, but I think you are all happy as I see people using the activities. I really do value your ideas on what your kids are interested in, what times work best for going live etc. and what topics you might like me to address on the blog. Also, please share and tell your friends about all our sites so their kids can benefit too. Take care and talk soon, Robin 🙂