Hi moms, dads, , aunts, grandmothers, and anyone out there who is caring for a child now! You may have read the info about me to see that I am known in the real world as Dr. Robin Desrochers, or Dr. D as my college students call me. I created this site a couple of weeks ago to help you to help your children during these challenging times. I have wanted to start this site for years as I miss teaching my younger students too. Now that I am sitting in my house, alone, missing both teaching and my own children, this site is proving to be my sanity. I want to tell you how I think you can use these resources to save a bit of your sanity as well!

Mrs. Robin’s Neighborhood is a place where your child can come to visit me and some other familiar characters. They will come to know my Feelings Friends, and my pets and feel safe that we are will be here for them. I am adding familiar songs that they can share in and am careful to look and act in consistent ways that will be soothing to them in this scary time. But, there will be lots of different, fun activities that they can participate in and even choose! I will even have guests read stories etc. as my college kids have asked to participate. I want to be an exciting visit that can break up their long day as well as a place they can go whenever they are bored!

I chose a website because I can create many areas in one place that target different learning domains and age levels. I get that much of the world is centered around social media today, but younger children need consistency and concrete, hands-on learning opportunities. I see that many people are using the site and downloading the activities. That is great. But, some of the areas that can help your child to stay engaged in learning and connected socially are being missed so I want to help you to navigate through my neighborhood. 🙂

The blog you are reading is in the Parent’s Blog area. It will have info on how you, as your child’s most important person, can help your child through this new abnormal. Be sure to read the blog on coping! It will also have blogs on different topics related to child development and learning. If you have questions or would like more info on a topic, please comment and/or subscribe as I can be a better resource for you with your feedback.

Each week or so, I put out a new This Week’s Activities sheet and Parent Guide. They are downloadable. The Week gives you a snapshot of newly added activities as well as times I go live. The Parent Guide explains the activities in detail so you know which age levels they are suited for and what skills the activities target. The previous guides and activities are always available as well. I will be adding activities that can be done AT HOME with materials you already have. The learning areas are in the purple menu at the top of the site. If you are using a mobile device, click the small purple circle with 3 lines at the top right corner to access the activity pages and guides.

You will find video and audio stories that are fun and address topics such as feelings and coping skills. There are activities that foster motor skills, creativity, learning and critical thinking, games and more. There are also opportunities for your kids to choose their own learning and win prizes! The welcome page has 2 interactive activities that are being missed. Each week, I have a vote to choose the story I will read live on Friday. Your child clicks on the vote button to choose. There is also a photo bomb button. I have 2 Maine Coon kittens and a black lab that I care for when my son works as a first responder. The children should watch for them as I do my exercise and other videos. It will give them something extra to look forward to, and allow me not to stress if they photo bomb me LOL. They should click the I saw a photo bomb button EVERY time to show who they saw!

I paid for this site and am loving spending a lot of time making activities to engage your kids, but I find that I do need the social media as well. I need to get the word out about the site and Facebook and Instagram is helping. But also, I have already used up 33% of my memory for my current plan. I have figured out that if I post to social media, and use the link in my site, it takes less memory and allows me to add more fun. So, I made a Facebook page, an Instagram page, a Twitter page and a YouTube channel. If you follow them, you will never miss out on me going live or the other neat activities on those sites. They are foster the engagement and connection to others that is critical to your child now.

Each week has a Twitter talk for the kids to tweet with your help and read others. Each week has a contest that uses Instagram and the kids can enter and vote for the winner who will receive a certificate and some of my old-fashioned fun, recycled toys. Some of the weekly activities also encourage the kids to post a picture or something so they can feel connected and know that other kids are doing the same things in their houses. Finally, I use these platforms to go live and connect with your kids in real time. The links to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are at the tops of the pages. You can search YouTube for Mrs. Robin’s Neighborhood to access those fun videos. I could really use help with people following and sharing these pages and getting the kids involved!

Lastly, it looks like we are all in this for the long haul. I really need followers and feedback to know what you need to help your kids as well. I am clearly not a tech wizard or a video expert, but I am real and genuine and the kids are responding to me as they always have. It fills my heart with joy. I am looking at ways to connect with them more. I am considering Zoom sessions for both stories and “school” sessions as well as virtual birthday parties with Mrs. Robin. I am thinking of trying to figure out how to get my stories on I Tunes so kids can listen when they want and not need your phone or computer. I am looking for feedback as to what times are good for people. What types of things are you and your child struggling with that I can address help with through blogs, stories etc.?

So, I guess that is it. I hope you can sense my passion for teaching and helping children. I may be an expert in child development, but you are all the experts when it comes to your own children and what they need. I am enjoying sharing my interests and my world with you and your kids. Can you please help me to help your family by following and subscribing to my sites, sharing the sites and activities, commenting and giving suggestions and getting your kids involved! Please be well. Talk soon, Mrs. Robin 🙂